venerdì 21 aprile 2017

Kyosho Calibers 60

I cleaned a bit (from dust on the shelf) my two brand new Caliber 60 (only built) released by kyosho in the 1998. The best F3C machine of those years.

They are complete with Servos and OS61 engine. My favorite helis. I own also a Caliber 60 new in the box and other that i have to restore.

martedì 18 aprile 2017

Edaigrip Cheetah

This is a rare Lamborghini Cheetah in 1/12 scale released in the '80 from Edaigrip. It is new and never used.

Edaigrip is famoushouse for his static F1 and Porsche car in 1/8 scale . I own also a EP Posche Turbo in 1/8 scale. see here:

 Still a car "made in Japan" from the under the chassis.

giovedì 13 aprile 2017

Palcom Esh's Aurunmilla

Here is the rarest Lasergame disk for Pioneer MSX Palcom system.

It is Esh's Aurunmilla an awesone laserdisc space game; a true interative cartoon from 1984, Same quality of Dragon's lair ld game.

You play a character that have to save, with his sword, princess Sindy kidnapped by evil emperor Esh. Great conditions for the disc and his box. Works great!

lunedì 10 aprile 2017

Palcom Mistery disks

Here are the two Palcom Lasergames from Mistery disks serie released in the mid of '80 for MSX Palcom System; Murder anyone and Many roads to murder

They are two true interactive movies and you have to catch the murder like a true investigator.  In the Murder anyone there is the main actress of "Back of future" movie; Michael fox's girlfriend.

Here below other Palcom games that i own

venerdì 7 aprile 2017

Another Hirobo SST-EAGLE restored

I restored a 2nd Hirobo SST-Eagle from 1989. This time it has a SSR head first version. It has always side frames for 500cc tank and belt transmission for the tail.

I used vintage Jr 4131 servos and a OS60 engine of that time.

Here is the previous restored Eagle some time ago.