venerdì 24 febbraio 2017

Hirobo 890kv motor

Here is a Hirobo 890kv motor that i will fit in a old Vertol GP for an EP conversion. It is the same of Shuttle EP conversion.

So i will use it with a 80A esc and 6s lipo  (2 x 3s packs). With this configuration i can use the vertol stock gear ratio because i will the same rpm of original OS37 GP engine but with more power and torque.

The motor comes with his support for and easy fitting on the Vertol.

here is the Vertol that i have to restore.

mercoledì 22 febbraio 2017

Kalt Omega PRO F3C Heli

Some months ago has landed this Kalt Omega  from 1987. It is in very good shape. So it needs only a soft restoring in some parts.

This heli comes with a Kalt black 10 OF II.

This amazing 60 class op line heli has been designed by the first F3C world champion pilot Shigetada Taniya the father of Thunder tiger Raptor.

I will begin the restoring soon.

lunedì 20 febbraio 2017

New Kyosho Dnano

Dnano what the rc home series released by Kyosho 10 years ago. Same quality of the Mini-Z but smaller in 1/43 scale. Every dnano has integrated a transponder for the kyosho lap counter.

Until now i had only 1 Dnano; a blue R34 GTR, bought 10 years ago but still strong. Some months ago i bought two dnano new in box; a R35 GTr in white and a "La Ferrari" in classic red. I got also a used Audi R8 with upgraded chassis with better differential and a micro gyro for better stability.

The dnano are really a masterpiece; they are fast very stable, ultra response and the body is ultra detailed like static model.

sabato 18 febbraio 2017

Kyosho RTDE-07 submarine

This special spaceship has been released by Kyosho some years ago. It is in kit form. You can build a submarine and you can use it in a aquarium.

The set comes with also his dedicate remote control. As usual it is brand new never used.

giovedì 16 febbraio 2017

Kyosho Hyperfly helicopter

This is a Kyosho Hoverfly released in the '90. It was a revolutionary heli at the time with the model looking just like a helicopter but using only two channel rc and standard servos. The radio operates elevator (for up and down control) and aileron (for left and right control) with a constant motor speed. Using the Kyosho Ap29 motor. The Hyperfly did not need a tail rotor and instead had a noulded 'dish' which gave the required stability in the air.

My kit is complete with his original futaba RC set, battery and his dedicate charger. All is new and  never used..